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It is now more than 6 Billion of us sharing this home we call earth.

As humans here on earth, we share most of the same qualities; we laugh and we cry, we sleep and we dance, we love and we mourn a loss, we strive and we resign;  

Each one of us is an individual part of that which we call humanity – and each one of us has come with a unique mission. When consciousness is ‘soul-full’ we remember the oneness and experience the connectedness. It is than that we know that your pain is my pain, and your joy is my joy – and we make choices…

In giving thanks on this day, for earth and the human family, I ask myself: ” Am I living my purpose – am I doing my part?”

Being me is the best way to honor my living here on earth as a unique and crucial part of humanity.

64 Life Cards – card 2 – I AM living on earth



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‘Mother’ means being empowered, whole, harmonic and in balance between soul, mind and body. This Mother consciousness knows its mission and completely resides in intuition to complete this mission.

Who today really is Mother with integral consciousness? Man or woman alike are being challenged on so many fronts.

‘Victim’ is a state of dis-empowerment, dis-ease, an imbalance of soul, mind and body and it leads to unconscious disintegration.

Being aware of the state we find ourselves in, is a first step out of the state of Victim.

So lets ask ourselves right now – in this moment – how do I feel? On a scale from 1 to 10 – AM I more Mother or Victim?

I AM Mother or Victim- card 1- 64 Life Cards



radio show  with guest Fabienne Heymans

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