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We long for love on a very primal level – it’s a universal, human longing;  to know myself I need to mirror who I am through another.

It has been proven by science that it is immensely important for an infant to sense connection –  a child has to look into another humans eyes to get to know who they are. 

When the connection to another is not there it can lead to depression and a dimming of the life force. It is very painful for a soul to live in disconnect to the love of self. An insatiable hunger arises and  often addictions take over to numb that disconnect and the search for that love turns away from the self.

We can come to the knowing that we are love, and that knowing transforms the dreaming of love into a loving in peace.

In every moment that I realize that I am love, I feel connected even when I am alone.

So now I ask myself : ” Am I coming from the primal connection of self-love or am I losing myself searching for something outside of myself?”



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