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Every moment of every day I make a choice;  Should I wear the red sweater or the green, should I make the phone call now or later…

In order to make a conscious choice, I need  mindful awareness of cause and effect.

When I am not aware of a cause and especially if it is a painful one, I tend to suppress it through addiction in order not to feel.

So as this year ends,  and I am about to make my New Year’s resolution to give up that bad habit, that addiction or that which does not serve me any longer, I am having the following thoughts:

We try to eradicate negative effects of a cause through the radical abolition of the effect, of the effect of a cause.

This holds the danger of the effect just being transferred to another cause effect. 

Intent and free will can bring resolve, but unless I become clear on the cause and effect it is likely that I relapse even  with the strongest resolve.

So I ask myself: what is the underlying cause for my holding on to that which I want to let go – and I make a choice in the knowing that I can choose again and again – until the will is free…  

I am making a choice – card 7 – Root Chakra



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