Giving birth

We are all by nature creative beings.

I express myself in my world; what ‘im-presses’ me or ‘in-spires’ me I urge to express. 

Creativity is a life-affirming act of giving birth, born out of love.

When I act from a place of love the outcome will be constructive or uplifting. When I re-act out of fear the expression will be destructive and pull me down.

In all facets of life we need to cultivate an environment where love resides better than fear.

So when I intent on giving birth to anything, I ask myself the question: am I coming from a place of love or from a place of fear?

This is the creative tension zone. With my conscious discern of will  I give birth as a creative being, embracing pain and joy of the process.

I am giving birth – card 6 – root chakra



I AM dreaming of love

We long for love on a very primal level – it’s a universal, human longing;  to know myself I need to mirror who I am through another.

It has been proven by science that it is immensely important for an infant to sense connection –  a child has to look into another humans eyes to get to know who they are. 

When the connection to another is not there it can lead to depression and a dimming of the life force. It is very painful for a soul to live in disconnect to the love of self. An insatiable hunger arises and  often addictions take over to numb that disconnect and the search for that love turns away from the self.

We can come to the knowing that we are love, and that knowing transforms the dreaming of love into a loving in peace.

In every moment that I realize that I am love, I feel connected even when I am alone.

So now I ask myself : ” Am I coming from the primal connection of self-love or am I losing myself searching for something outside of myself?”



I AM aware

Most of us live most of the time in a dreamlike hypnotic state, unconscious and with our attention scattered between past and future, loosing out on the fulfillment and power that comes from being present in the moment. 

Being aware means to pay attention. This paying attention reflects care – I am here now for this or for you.

Awareness uses our senses to anchor us in life. When I am aware while washing the dishes, I feel the texture of the sponge, I see the bubbles of the suds, I hear the water and, I may even still taste the remnants of the foods from memory.

When we live out of awareness we tap into our power. We take empowered action from the place of self and every experience is then ‘full-filled’.

It is here that conscious co-creation starts. It is here that I start to challenge my reality. I become watchful, informed, knowing and guarded.

So I ask myself : ” In this time and space moment what seed am I planting? Am I coming from awareness or just re-acting to any given circumstance.”

64 Life Cards – Card 4 – I Am aware



I AM trusting in resources

Here  primal trust comes into play. Amidst the deeply in fear rooted belief system of lack, a surrender into primal trust seems almost impossible.

We know that a lack in resources has created much suffering for people and humanity – we have also come to understand that  it is that very fear that is the cause of disconnect from the abundance  that Source is.   

Nature as our teacher in abundance…even on a cut up tree stump a seed can take, and new life can sprout

But, when the mind takes over and holds me prisoner with an iron grip on fear for a lack in resources. What to do about it?

Firstly, again it is awareness that is crucial; once we are aware of our state of fear, we can then take the fearful mind chatter out of the equation; silence it by consciously choosing our thought, and taking charge by becoming the driver of our thoughts. If a thought about lack comes up we can replace it by finding a thought of abundance.

Secondly, gratitude about what we have is the best medicine for  anything we think we are lacking;

Since belief systems are deeply stored in our cellular memory, we may have to find out what our very personal ‘mind genetic’ is in regard to resources – both on an individual  as well as on the collective level.

So now I want to ask myself:  is my ‘mind genetic’ geared towards lack or abundance, and am I thankful for what I do have?

64 Life Cards – Card 3 – I AM trusting in resources



I AM living on earth

It is now more than 6 Billion of us sharing this home we call earth.

As humans here on earth, we share most of the same qualities; we laugh and we cry, we sleep and we dance, we love and we mourn a loss, we strive and we resign;  

Each one of us is an individual part of that which we call humanity – and each one of us has come with a unique mission. When consciousness is ‘soul-full’ we remember the oneness and experience the connectedness. It is than that we know that your pain is my pain, and your joy is my joy – and we make choices…

In giving thanks on this day, for earth and the human family, I ask myself: ” Am I living my purpose – am I doing my part?”

Being me is the best way to honor my living here on earth as a unique and crucial part of humanity.

64 Life Cards – card 2 – I AM living on earth



I AM Mother or Victim…

‘Mother’ means being empowered, whole, harmonic and in balance between soul, mind and body. This Mother consciousness knows its mission and completely resides in intuition to complete this mission.

Who today really is Mother with integral consciousness? Man or woman alike are being challenged on so many fronts.

‘Victim’ is a state of dis-empowerment, dis-ease, an imbalance of soul, mind and body and it leads to unconscious disintegration.

Being aware of the state we find ourselves in, is a first step out of the state of Victim.

So lets ask ourselves right now – in this moment – how do I feel? On a scale from 1 to 10 – AM I more Mother or Victim?

I AM Mother or Victim- card 1- 64 Life Cards



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