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It is now more than 6 Billion of us sharing this home we call earth.

As humans here on earth, we share most of the same qualities; we laugh and we cry, we sleep and we dance, we love and we mourn a loss, we strive and we resign;  

Each one of us is an individual part of that which we call humanity – and each one of us has come with a unique mission. When consciousness is ‘soul-full’ we remember the oneness and experience the connectedness. It is than that we know that your pain is my pain, and your joy is my joy – and we make choices…

In giving thanks on this day, for earth and the human family, I ask myself: ” Am I living my purpose – am I doing my part?”

Being me is the best way to honor my living here on earth as a unique and crucial part of humanity.

64 Life Cards – card 2 – I AM living on earth



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