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Heart Chakra

I AM lover or actor…


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Every moment of every day I make a choice;  Should I wear the red sweater or the green, should I make the phone call now or later…

In order to make a conscious choice, I need  mindful awareness of cause and effect.

When I am not aware of a cause and especially if it is a painful one, I tend to suppress it through addiction in order not to feel.

So as this year ends,  and I am about to make my New Year’s resolution to give up that bad habit, that addiction or that which does not serve me any longer, I am having the following thoughts:

We try to eradicate negative effects of a cause through the radical abolition of the effect, of the effect of a cause.

This holds the danger of the effect just being transferred to another cause effect. 

Intent and free will can bring resolve, but unless I become clear on the cause and effect it is likely that I relapse even  with the strongest resolve.

So I ask myself: what is the underlying cause for my holding on to that which I want to let go – and I make a choice in the knowing that I can choose again and again – until the will is free…  

I am making a choice – card 7 – Root Chakra



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Most of us live most of the time in a dreamlike hypnotic state, unconscious and with our attention scattered between past and future, loosing out on the fulfillment and power that comes from being present in the moment. 

Being aware means to pay attention. This paying attention reflects care – I am here now for this or for you.

Awareness uses our senses to anchor us in life. When I am aware while washing the dishes, I feel the texture of the sponge, I see the bubbles of the suds, I hear the water and, I may even still taste the remnants of the foods from memory.

When we live out of awareness we tap into our power. We take empowered action from the place of self and every experience is then ‘full-filled’.

It is here that conscious co-creation starts. It is here that I start to challenge my reality. I become watchful, informed, knowing and guarded.

So I ask myself : ” In this time and space moment what seed am I planting? Am I coming from awareness or just re-acting to any given circumstance.”

64 Life Cards – Card 4 – I Am aware



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