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The Root Chakra represents the foundation for our evolutionary journey.

With a strong foundation no outside force can disintegrate us and we can master the storms that life can and will bring.

There is a power that comes from within when I am deeply rooted – it comes as a direct result of my trust in my intuition. With this trust and being rooted comes also the understanding of our inter-connectedness and a primal trust in resources. It is this wisdom that roots one deeply into oneself.

Wisdom expresses itself creatively and makes discerned choices.

Some gifts that Wisdom brings are harmony, balance, courage, joy, and clarity.

In Wisdom I am also forgiving as I realize that life is a journey and not everybody is at the same place at the same time.

Wisdom encompasses knowledge, understanding, experience and evolving.

So today I ask myself: How deeply rooted am I in myself – do I trust my intuition enough – am I grounded deeply in my foundation…

Wisdom lives out of the alertness in the moment, and as a human being we are always challenged to remember that we are love.

64 Life Cards – Root Chakra – card 9



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For the past decades the amount of self-help books, workshops, seminaries and conferences that are designed to lead one to one’s soul purpose and to the living of one’s life in a purpose filled way, have exploded. 

I can feel it in my core that this is the time of grace that is bringing us back home – to remember who we are.

Awakening to our  purpose is an individual journey of trust, hope and courage.

We share this journey with others, often for a moment, sometimes for a while and at times for a lifetime.

So  often we have taken roads that imprison our soul for the purpose to please those around us, we have forgotten that we are here for our very own purpose, and we live out someone else’s. The pressure to adhere and comply is overwhelming; compromises in choosing a career for the promise of a lucrative potential,  and not  following our joy is just one mention. 

 The world as I have known it in the ‘olden days’ has surely changed. I have come to realize how connected we are – the world seems like one big living room – and here I have to asses, who and where I am at,  so that I can evolve to the ‘golden days’.

Assessing where I am at, and a commitment to myself  is central to my  evolving.

So today I am picking myself up where I Am at,  with tolerance and an allowing trust that  following my joy will feed my soul purpose and ‘full-fill’ my life. 

I AM waiting for You – card 8 – Root Chakra



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